RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP Features Announced; New Release Date!

FANGORIA got the word from Magnolia Pictures on what we can expect in terms of supplemental material for the RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP DVD. According to their post, special features include:

– Behind-the-scenes footage
– Making-of documentary
– Cast and crew interviews
– Screensavers/wallpaper
– Music featured in the film

The official SLEEPAWAY CAMP MOVIES website elaborated on the disc’s features by stating that "Bonus features will include the Jeff Hayes documentary: BEHIND THE SCENES: Making RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP. Felissa Rose co-hosts the documentary, which features exclusive on-set footage, photographs, interviews, and puts you behind the scenes of the gruesome new Sleepaway Camp."

The site also clarifies that the DVD release date has been pushed from October 14th to November 4th to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original SLEEPAWAY CAMP.

You can check out the trailer to RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP at our previous news post HERE. And read our early FIRST LOOK REVIEW of the movie HERE or by clicking the image below!

Here’s the DVD cover!

RETURN TO SLEEPAWAY CAMP is a direct sequel to the original SLEEPAWAY CAMP and was written and directed by Robert Hiltzik, helmer of the original. Back from SLEEPAWAY CAMP are actors Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tierston and Paul DeAngelo. The flick also stars Vincent Pastore (THE SOPRANOS) and the late Isaac Hayes! You can visit the official website at:

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