POLTERGEIST Remake Finds 2 Writers!

Juliet Snowden and Stiles White have been hired to pen the screenplay for MGM’s upcoming POLTERGEIST remake, (based on the classic horror film directed by Tobe Hooper, and co-written/produced by Steven Spielberg) according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Snowden and White wrote the (absolutely terrible) 2005 movie BOOGEYMAN, and have also worked on a draft of THE BIRDS remake (coming from who else, Platinum Dunes) and the upcoming KNOWING directed by Alex Proyas (I, ROBOT, DARK CITY, THE CROW).

The article says, "The original "Poltergeist," miraculously skirted an R rating despite its children-in-constant-peril, toy clown-strangling, face-peeling, skeleton-swimming medley of horrors. The MGM/UA release grossed $122 million worldwide and earned Oscar nominations for its ILM-designed visual effects, sound effects and score. The story of a suburban home built over an Indian burial ground and thus inhabited by a nasty spook earned further cult status when two of the child actors in the movie died after the film’s release. Two nerve-jangling sequels were produced." More when we hear it!

6 thoughts on “POLTERGEIST Remake Finds 2 Writers!

  1. Oh no, not Poltergeist! Dont even remake it, we dont want anyone replacing Heather O’Rourke!
    Poltergeist is a classic flick and should be left alone.

  2. Why oh why do we need a re-make of this movie. I think two crappy squeals were enough. I think Hollywood’s lived past it’s prime when it comes to the horror genre.

  3. Its bad enough they remade Halloween, Friday the 13th, now they r going to go and ruin Poltergeist there is no way in hell they will be as good as the original!!! just leave the old stuff alone and please come up with your own ideas quit rippen off the real creative people come up with your own stuff please!!!

  4. I don’t think tthere should be a remake,the production was brilliant for it’s time the quality in the picture and effects is what makes it that way,now alot of stuff has CGI and thats good for some movies but,poltergeist should be left alone.

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