Warners Preps Direct-To-DVD DEEP BLUE SEA 2!

Well… Since Warners did well with THE LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE DVD (not to mention the DUKES OF HAZZARD prequel), it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re combing through their back catalog for more titles to sequelize.

Moviehole.net reports that we can expect a direct-to-DVD DEEP BLUE SEA 2 sometime next year. The site reports, "a studio source tells us today that the long-gestating “Deep Blue Sea 2” will be headed to a Blockbuster store near you (or more accurately, to Netflix) sometime next year. It’s the next film they hope to do."

No other details besides the following, "Like the other flicks that WP is putting out, “Deep Blue Sea 2” will be made on a pretty most budget, so don’t expect any of the headline stars of the original – Thomas Jane or LL Cool J, for instance – to return. At the moment nobody’s on board – it’s merely got writers – (No Renny Harlin either? Wait, that might be a good thing!) on it probably won’t be cast until after the black cloud hanging over the impending actor’s strike subsides."

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