Sony Begins Talks For CANDYMAN Remake?!

Ah, no movie is safe from a redux! Shock Till You Drop is reporting that Sony is in "early talks" to develop a remake of CANDYMAN. The original was directed by Bernard Rose and starred Virginia Madsen, Xander Berkeley, Kasi Lemmons and Tony Todd in the title role. No details, writer or director are attached as of yet, but early discussions are that the new Candyman may be caucasian!? The race of the Candyman was never actually disclosed in the original Clive Barker story THE FORBIDDEN, but it’d still be hard to imagine someone other then Tony Todd as that iconic character. The original film spawned 2 sequels, CANDYMAN: FAREWELL TO THE FLESH and CANDYMAN: DAY OF THE DEAD. More when we hear it!

One thought on “Sony Begins Talks For CANDYMAN Remake?!

  1. Please leave well enough alone. Is the industry completely out of fresh ideas? I want NEW and original movies, not remakes of movies that I grew up on. I have a fondness for the old masters that a remake is likely to destroy. I have the feeling that the remakes will just be full of gore! I’m sorry to tell you “blood and guts” and “scary” are not the same thing!

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