Brett Ratner Producing MOTHER’S DAY Remake?!

Back in February of 2008, we conducted an extensive interview with TROMA president Lloyd Kaufman and he revealed that Brett Ratner was inquiring about remaking a Troma film. (Our original article HERE!) Most people called BS on our post and Kaufman’s comments. But low and behold, Ratner is in the process of securing the remake rights to MOTHER’S DAY, based on the 1980 Charlie Kaufman film.

Here’s a bit from the SHOCK website on the status: "The redux – about two maniacs living with their mother and the three women who tread onto this deviant family’s property – is currently in the scripting stage with P2‘s Franck Khalfoun. Apparently, Ratner is a huge fan of the original film."

Check out the entire interview with LLOYD KAUFMAN by clicking the frame below!


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