Update On Joe Hill’s HEART SHAPED BOX Movie; LOCKE & KEY!

FANGORIA recently chatted with author Joe Hill and he revealed that director Neil Jordon (INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE) is no longer attached to Warners movie version of his novel HEART SHAPED BOX. "My understanding is that Jordan wrote a really great script, but then he was asked to do revisions and then there was the writers’ strike. I know they’ve done another rewrite [since], and I couldn’t tell you whether it was Jordan who did it or someone else. But that one continues to be developed."

Hill also revealed that his recent comic book LOCKE & KEY (which is really, really good if you get a chance to read it) has been expanded from it’s 6 issue limited series to a 24 issue run beginning in early 2009. Plus, a television series version is also being devloped! He tells FANGO, "The Weinstein Company got interested in LOCKE & KEY and bought it, and it was widely reported that they had bought it to adapt for a film. But they actually purchased it for TV. The plan right now is to do an HBO kind of thing—a mature, somewhat enclosed story that would be 12 episodes, but open-ended enough that they could go back and do another season. Frank Darabont [THE MIST] is going to write the pilot and hopefully direct it."

(From the FANGO article) LOCKE & KEY follows a woman and her three children who move into an old family house in Lovecraft, Massachusetts after their husband and father is murdered. There, one of the children discovers a set of keys that opens doors onto, as Hill puts it, “the impossible.”

Check out the entire interview HERE on FANGO’s website!

Visit Joe Hill’s official website: http://joehillfiction.com

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