Actress Shawnee Smith recently spoke to POPWRAP while promoting her role on the web-series 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: DUST TO DUST, which is set to premiere on FearNet later this month and she brought them up to speed on all the genre stuff she’s been up to.

On why she’s in the 30 DAYS OF NIGHT webseries? "The industry is going this way and you can either be at the front of the line, or the back. And with everything I do I want to be at the front of that line creating outstanding content."

On here rumored return in SAW V? "That’s what I hear. I’m not sure how they keep resurrecting me, but somehow! If I’m in "Saw V," it’s something I’d already filmed, but I have no idea. This is horror, you’re more valuable dead than alive."

On THE GRUDGE 3? "Yeah. I went all the way to Bulgaria and rented the first two because I figured I should know what happened. I put them into the VCR and couldn’t watch! I had an idea of what the villain was like – with the funky walk – and all I needed was to see it once and the next time I’m alone in bed, I won’t be able to sleep. And I figured, I didn’t need to see the others in order to play the character."

On first seeing THE GRUDGE ghost up close? "I figured they’d CGI her in! I didn’t know they were going to paint her up and have her chase me around a hospital for hours. It was not cool. Meanwhile the girl who plays Kayako is an absolute doll and I ended up becoming good friends with her. I wasn’t expecting that."

Read the entire interview on the POPWRAP website HERE. Shawnee also talks about the recently announced VH1 reality series SCREAM QUEEN, in which James Gunn will be a co-host!

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