Natalie Portman In New SUSPIRIA?!

According to several reports, including Bloody-Disgusting and FANGORIA, Natalie Portman (V FOR VENDETTA, STAR WARS, THE PROFESSIONAL) will star in the upcoming remake of Dario Argento’s classic film SUSPIRIA! Portman’s production company Handsome Charlie Films is supposedly producing the film. (Although FANGORIA reports that Creative Artists is currently shopping the film.) David Gordon Green (who’s latest movie PINEAPPLE EXPRESS is now playing in theaters this week) will write and direct. Portman will play the role of an American dancer originated by Jessica Harper in Argento’s movie. More when we hear it!

3 thoughts on “Natalie Portman In New SUSPIRIA?!

  1. David Gordon Green is the perfect director for this production. I’m glad to see that he’s expanding his repertoire by making films that he didn’t write (Pineapple Express) as well as taking on a remake. Tim Orr’s (I’m assuming Green will use the same DP he’s always used) cinematography is going to be incredible.

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