Ouch! The word on THE LOST BOYS 2: THE TRIBE has not been good! But despite the negative buzz, is Warner’s really debating a LOST BOYS 3? According to Moviehole they are! And if this report is accurate, then it’ll be the sequel we all wanted to see. One that actually has both Frog Brothers (played by Corey Feldman AND Jason Newlander) as well as Corey Haim’s character Sam. (Although if THIS video isn’t truly staged, then they’re in trouble!)

Haim only appears after the credits in LOST BOYS 2, while Newlander only pops up on the DVD’s deleted alternate ending! So, a new film with these 3 is a good start for redemption with the fans.

Moviehole’s Clint says, "I’ve spoken to one of the chaps involved in the movie since its DVD debut last week and he promises me that there will definitely be more Sam and Alan in "Lost Boys 3". Feldman, Haim and Newlander will be the stars of the next chapter." More when we hear it!

9 thoughts on “THE LOST BOYS… 3?!

  1. I bought Lost Boys:The Tribe last week, and was very dissapointed. Only because I was expecting more Haim and both frogs. It wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t too good either. Thing is, when you try to mess with a classic, the outcome isn’t always what people want, you can’t top perfection!

  2. IF there is a LB3, It’d damn sure better star Haim this time! The Tribe seriously lacked him. It wasnt THAT bad as a stand alone, but horrible as a LB sequel. Aside from Feldman, I thought it was just ok. Well..there was that kickass cameo by Tom SAvini…that was badass!

  3. The Tribe is not actually a sequel, but a reimagining of the original. I thought it was pretty good in parts, and pretty bad in others. Hopefully LB3 will be a true sequel.

  4. I agree with Eric, that The Tribe wasn’t an actual sequel, but it was sorta decent. Many people say that the two main teens(Hilgenbrinck and Reeser) were Michael and Star’s(From the first) kids, but according to the movie’s official site, they’re Mike and Sam’s cousins, probably distant. I don’t think Edgar(Feldman) knew that when he was talking to Chris(Hilgenbrinck). I saw the alternative endings, and it was much better than the movie itself. The one that they put during the end credits sucked.

  5. The tribe was shit and I hope they don’t make Lost Boys 3. Even if Haim, Feldman and Newlander star in it it will still be shit because they’ll be using a shit director, a low budget, a poor script and crap music. It will be disappointing. Mark my words.

  6. I live in venezuela and i see the movie, they have a chance. Only do the movie whit the original story and caracters, because who see this movie is because like the first one.

  7. For a straight-to-DVD film, I actually found The Lost Boys: The Tribe to be pretty decent. It was a fun revamp of the original, but I must say I hated how Corey Haim was integrated into it. Sure, I was excited he got to be a part of it, but the way his character turned out was ultimately lame.

  8. If it was as bad as
    ” dispite the negative buzz”
    then WB would not be making a 3rd. There was no negitive buzz that mattered, if there was it was in the minority. The sales on this were exceptional even after the opening week. “Negative buzz” would have killed week 2,3,4,5,6. The movie was not as good as the first but it was decent.

  9. Do you… work for the studio or something? “Negative buzz” was referring to the generally bad reviews that a good chunk of websites gave the film. Personally, I didn’t think it was as bad as people made it out to be. It’s pretty decent as a remake of the first film, because essentially that’s what it was. I would’ve liked to have seen a proper sequel. Don’t get why they’d reduce Newlander to a deleted scene and Haim until after the credits when I think we all collectively wanted to see the entire trio back. Why must one of them be a vampire anyways?

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