Lloyd Kaufman Talks TOXIC AVENGER 5!?!

FANGORIA recently had a chat with TROMA president Lloyd Kaufman and the filmmaker revealed plans to do yet another sequel to everyone’s favorite superhero from New Jersey, THE TOXIC AVENGERKaufman told FANGO all about THE TOXIC AVENGER 5:

"Unlike Superman, who never seems to age, Toxie gets older with each movie. In THE TOXIC AVENGER PARTs II-IV, he has gotten married and had children. Now he’ll have to deal with his wife’s menopause, his erectile dysfunction—which is a constant erection—and his rebellious kid. We’re on to the next generation, like STAR TREK. We’ll see a little of Toxie’s twins in kindergarten, and then as teenagers. The son is rebellious, while the daughter is ultra-politically correct. We’ll show her going through puberty, which should be the most colorful monthly cycle ever put on film! We want to focus on the father/child relationship, and the generation gap. There is also a villain who wants to rename Tromaville Scheisseville, and FANGORIA and other independent media will be prominently featured!”

Don’t forget to read our extensive FRIGHT exclusive interview with TROMA’s LLOYD KAUFMAN by clicking the frame below!


The interview was also filmed as part of a segment of AMERICA’S BAD KIDS. See more "bad" videos HERE!

POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD comes out on DVD October 28th, 2008!

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  1. Hello, sir i been a fan of superhero toxie for a long time, i’m very pleased with news of 5th sequel.yes i know toxie’s getting older, but the son needs to take over in 5th and the daughter in the 6th sequel?here’s some titles you might be helpfull:Part V”son of toxie and 6th sequel “Toxie’s Little Girl” thank you

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