Is There A Director’s Cut Of The Original PSYCHO?!

Now this is cool! A reader sent the Video Watch Dog blog a link to a screen-by-screen comparison of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film PSYCHO to the German television broadcast of PSYCHO and discovered that it featured several frames of never-before-seen footage! This is the pre-US edit that no one knew existed! Click HERE to see the extra shots (which include Janet Leigh near-nudity, bloodier hands on Anthony Perkins and a slightly longer murder of Martin Balsam’s character Arbogast), or click any of the teaser images below! Will Universal wise up and search for this alternate version to their long lost classic? Doubtful, but we can hope!

For info on the upcoming PSYCHO 2-disc special edition, click our previous news post HERE!

To watch 12 minutes of footage from the ICONS producer documentary THE PSYCHO LEGACY (which covers all 4 PSYCHO movies), click HERE!

3 thoughts on “Is There A Director’s Cut Of The Original PSYCHO?!

  1. The Janet Leigh/near-nudity footage was in the documentary among the special features of a “Psycho” DVD that I rented some five or six years ago.

  2. These scenes are also on the Dutch dvd’s so i don’t think it’s all that special. I think it’s the European cut (Like Kubrick’s English version of The Shining)

  3. Um… hi… I’m in America. We can’t get nor play Dutch DVD’s in this country? And this version has NEVER played here. So, yes, it’s special to me! And Universal execs have their heads so far up their asses, they’d never think to release it in America either.

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