Aint It Cool’s Quint conducted a fantastic interview with director McG (CHARLIE’S ANGELS) at the recent San Diego Comic-Con to talk about his plans for the revamped TERMINATOR franchise. TERMINATOR: SALVATION stars Christian Bale (as John Conner), Anton Yelchin (as Kyle Reese), Sam Worthington, Common, Bryce Dallas Howard and Helena Bonham Carter. It opens May of 2009. Here are some choice quotes from the original interview!

On the altered future hinted at in the TERMINATOR: SALVATION teaser trailer: "Things have changed and the future that his mother has told him about is not the future that he is presented with today and that is in the spirit that the future is indeed malleable, which was established very cleanly in the first and second picture, so yeah we just wanted to create a world that was credible and felt properly post apocalyptic."

On fan’s hesitation to him as the director: "I have talked before about how you have to be Spicoli before you can become Sean Penn and you have to be on HAPPY DAYS before you become Ron Howard and on and on and on. You have to be on 21 JUMP STREET before you become Depp and do what you do and show people what your true colors really are and I’m willing to pay my dues and keep my nose to the grindstone, but the McG of yesterday is dead."

"I’m just looking forward to making this picture that poses ethical challenges to the audience without being preachy, but in the spirit of the first MATRIX picture or BLADE RUNNER, where yeah it was enjoyable on a “Let’s watch it level and then you and I can go spend four years in a graduate class talking about it.”"

On the CG work of Charlie Gibson: "I think that Charlie Gibson is going to bring the machines to life in a way that you would never imagine. We have machines on the scale of TRANSFORMERS, you know what I mean, but they look like they Giger machines from ALIEN and I think that can be incredible if done properly, it’s just too early to talk about it, because we haven’t rendered all of that stuff yet, but Charlie is a pretty capable guy and we will see what he comes with."

On the rumored PG-13 rating: "There are two people in this world that care about the rating, Jeff Robinoff, who was sitting in the front row who runs Warner Brothers and Jeff Blake, who was sitting in the front row, who runs Sony. Sony is releasing the picture internationally, Jeff’s releasing it domestically and both of them are like “Let the rating be what the rating is."

"Having said that, I’m not going to back off the notion of “Should it be PG-13?” Who gives a shit? I thought THE DARK KNIGHT was made without compromise. It got a PG 13 rating. If there were more gore or more horror to some respect, I don’t know if the picture would be more desirable to me and you. I thought it was a master work and I walk away" 

Read the entire interview HERE!

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And for a laugh, check out the "UNTITLED LANCE HENRIKSEN ROMANTIC COMEDY" script (from the Steven Tsapelas, the creator of WE NEED GIRLFRIENDS) right HERE, in which Lance plays the "terminator".

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