THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN opened theatrically from LIONSGATE this past Friday August 1st… and we’re willing to bet you didn’t hear anything about it. In fact, if you search or sites like Fandango, you might be able to find it playing at one of your local dollar theaters. Yes, THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN (based on Clive Barker’s legendary story from his classic BOOKS OF BLOOD novels) has been dumped by LIONSGATE into dollar theaters with no advertising or marketing to let you, the fans know about it. And believe it or not, its not because it’s a bad movie, it’s actually really quite good. Its because of personal politics within the studio system.

Honestly? We’re not much here at ICONS for studio politics. We just love horror movies so much and try our best to talk about the ones that warrant the publicity. THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN is one of those movies that we fully support and that we feel deserved far better treatment then LIONSGATE gave it. (Remember, this is the studio that was build on the success of the SAW franchise, horror movies no less which the company now has contempt for.) 

The other horror sites have interesting editorials on the full story behind this unforgivable debacle. Click HERE to read Bloody-Disgusting’s take on the whole thing. (They’ll have a follow-up piece on their website tomorrow with quotes from everyone involved, including Barker)

Personally, I loved this article that Ryan Rotten over at Shock Till You Drop wrote which explains the whole thing. Read SHOCK’s post about THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN HERE.

Despite the fumbling of this movies release by LIONSGATE, we still would like to give proper credit to director Ryuhei Kitamura for truly delivering a quality movie based on a classic Barker tale. And we hope that you’ll support it upon it’s eventual DVD release. In the meantime, read our FIRST LOOK REVIEW by clicking the image below…

One thought on “THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN Out Now! But… Where?

  1. Vinnie Jones, who plays the “baddie” in MMT, used to be the captain of my local soccer team, Sheffield United, here in England. I was really looking forward to this movie as Vinnie does evil better that anyone – not sure when I’ll get to see it now

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