The Discount Meat Train: Clive Barker Adaptation Now Dumped In “Dollar” Theaters

If you’re going to try to catch the highly regarded adaptation of Clive Barker’s “The Midnight Meat Train” you can now do so for less than a one-way ticket on the NYC subway. Both Shock Till You Drop and Bloody-Disgusting are reporting that instead of merely dumping the film in limited release, it will now play mostly in 2nd run and “dollar” theaters.

The genre’s been kind to Lionsgate, you have to wonder why a studio so closely associated with horror would let selfish studio politics sideline the potential success of what we considered one of the best films to carry the Clive Barker name in over a decade. What a waste. (Hey, maybe I’ll just wait to catch “Saw V” until it hits the 2nd run houses.)
Check out our review below to get an idea on what you’ll be missing out on:

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