MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D Theatrical Poster!

EMPIRE‘s got a beautiful high resolution scan of the theatrical one-sheet poster for MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D, which opens January 16th, 2009! (See below!)

Here’s a newer synopsis that the EMPIRE article is running with the image:

"Based on the 1981 cult horror, My Bloody Valentine 3D, directed by Patrick Lussier, tells a tale of Tom Hanniger (Jensen Ackles), a man who caused an accident in a coal mine in the town of Harmony, killing five men and putting one into a coma. That man, Harry Warden, wakes from his coma one year on with his mind set on revenge. Somewhat overzealous in his definition of revenge, he brutally murders 22 people before being killed himself.

Ten years on, Hanniger returns to Harmony hoping to make up for his past. His ex-girlfriend, Sarah (Jaime King), has married his former best friend (Kerr Smith). But that’s really the least of his worries, since a killer wearing a miner’s mask and armed with a pick axe has started, well, picking off the townsfolk. Is it Harry Warden back for revenge? We don’t know! We just don’t know! Run!

MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D was directed by Patrick Lussier (DRACULA 2000) and stars SUPERNATURAL’s Jensen Ackles, Jaime King (THE TRIPPER), Kerr Smith (FINAL DESTINATION), Edi Gathegi, Kevin Tighe & Megan Boone.

6 thoughts on “MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D Theatrical Poster!

  1. I cant wait to see this film. Im a huge fan of jensen ackles and as we’re not getting ten inch hero here, this will have to do =D it nice to see this actor playing other roles

  2. im so excited for this film i am the biggest fan of Jenesen Ackles and i can’t wait to see him in my Bloody Valentine.

  3. WTF. This was just sad. I at least thought that goofy glasses would make it humorous…. but, you do not even get that. plot takes so long to develop that i all but feel asleep. not to mention, everything that is good or well done in the film was used in the ads ( i just hate it when they do that). Save your money!

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