Wes Craven Talks SCREAM 4, New NIGHTMARE Remake, LAST HOUSE, 25/8 & More!

Wes Craven is currently at the San Diego Comic Con discussing his latest film 25/8 and there’s tons of various reports all over the horror sites as to his involvement in a number of projects. Let’s funnel through them and bring you the best tid-bits, shall we?

– Craven told SHOCK that he has not been contacted for the recently announced SCREAM 4. He says that Bob Weinstein contacted his agent and "He’s not saying ‘no’." It really depends how far along they are with the script since a lot of work had to be done on SCREAM 2 and 3 while they were shooting.
– Craven is not involved in any way to Platinum Dunes proposed remake of A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, as of yet. Word from SHOCK is that Platinum Dunes haven’t secured the rights to redo it, but producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form said during the FRIDAY THE 13TH panel that they’d love to work with Wes.
– According to DREAD, the LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT remake wrapped shooting last month and Craven has already seen a rough cut. He told Dread that LAST HOUSE "is similar to The Hills Have Eyes, (in that) the remake is similar thematically but is otherwise a very different movie."
DREAD also said Craven revealed the meaning behind the title of his latest picture 25/8, which is culled from a line of dialogue from the movie. Craven says, “The Devil works 24/7 to bring us hell. The only way to stop him is to work 25/8”.
– Other remakes from Craven films? The filmmaker told B-D that THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS is very likely and will actually probably his next project.
– A SHOCKER remake might happen one day, but is currently "dead in the water" as DREAD is reporting. Hey, remember our idea to get Joe Lynch to direct it with Henry Rollins as Horace Pinker?! We can still wish!

3 thoughts on “Wes Craven Talks SCREAM 4, New NIGHTMARE Remake, LAST HOUSE, 25/8 & More!

  1. Scream 4 would be awesome. Hopefully there is still a chance it will happen. But only with some of the well known cast members from the trilogy in it 😉

  2. Scream 4 would be too much. The first movie was fine, but the two sequels were excessive. The Scream films are way too smug for their own good.

  3. On the subject of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, I’ve heard rumors and what not that Robert Englund is hanging up the glove. I’ve also heard that some are looking to one Johnny Depp to pick up said glove to revive the role of Freddy Krueger, if that were to happen it would deffinatly be a nightmare..but not the kind we’re all hoping for.

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