James Gunn, Shawnee Smith For VH1’s Reality Show “SCREAM QUEENS”!

Do we really need yet another new reality show? Well, how ’bout one devoted to finding the next great "scream queens"? With James Gunn (SLITHER, DAWN OF THE DEAD) and Shawnee Smith (SAW 1-3) involved? Well, VH1 is producing the show I just described. Here’s the press release via The Hollywood Reporter:

"Writer-director-producer James Gunn, actress Shawnee Smith and acting coach John Homa have been tapped to serve as judges on VH1’s new reality competition series "SCREAM QUEENS."

All three will have dual roles on the Lionsgate-produced show, which will give 10 unknown actresses a shot at winning a "major role" in a Lionsgate horror movie.

Smith also will serve as host, while Gunn will direct the contestants’ performances. Homa will serve as acting coach to the contestants in the eight-episode series, slated to debut in the fall.

Smith, whose credits include Lionsgate’s "Saw" film franchise as well as the sitcom "Becker," is repped by manager Brian Wilkins. Gunn, whose credits include the horror films "Dawn of the Dead" and "Slither" along with the "Scooby-Doo" films, is repped by UTA and manager Peter Safran."

4 thoughts on “James Gunn, Shawnee Smith For VH1’s Reality Show “SCREAM QUEENS”!

  1. That is totally awesome! I will be watching the show…Shawnee Rocks! Too bad she got snuffed in the SAW films, but she’s in the SAW world in flashbacks…lol

  2. Yes I will be watching the show but not for the sorry ass girl wannabe actresses who wanna be famous. I will be watching to see if some little wannabe chick gets smart with Shawnee! lol I can see it now…Shawnee bitch slapping some little miss thing who thinks she better than her. lol Come on you know its gonna happen…its VH1 But seriously Shawnee is awesome! Check out my videos at YouTube.com jigsawlair2004 Thanks!

  3. sounds good but i have never heard of that show maybes because i live in the UK but i like Shawnee Smith i was only age 11 when watching the first movie of saw i love horror movies but you carn’t beat saw its the best but its boring without Shawnee smith(Amanda Young) and the jigsaw wish it was just a fix and they turn it around by saying it was just a dream or it never really happened and thier not really dead haha but like that would ever happen 🙁 i’m only 15 and already a big fan of Saw

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