DEXTER SEASON 3 Details! iPhone Game!

Our wonderful fiends from Dread Central hit up the DEXTER panel at the San Diego Comic Com where some details about the upcoming 3rd season were revealed! The hit Showtime series stars Jennifer Carpenter (QUARANTINE), Julie Benz (THE PUNISHER: WAR ZONE) and Michael C. Hall in the title role, but when DEXTER SEASON THREE premieres, Jimmy Smits will be joining the cast as a regular character.

Dread’s article says, "Jimmy Smits, the newest addition to the cast, will be playing a "big brother" type role to Dexter, this is all part of the new family values focus on the show. It was also revealed to the attendees that season three will open with a "huge, shocking reveal" and Dexter will set something in motion that he cannot stop or hide from."

Also of interest is the fact that a DEXTER game is in development exclusively for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch which will be paced like the show as in each chapter of the game will be available as the show on TV progresses. Dread also reports, "Dexter will feature gesture based game play, somewhat like the Wii, but here you’ll be much more immersed in the world. Players will have to make phone calls and place SMS messages in-game to get through each episode!"

Can’t wait!

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