WRONG TURN 3 Plot Details?!

Dread Central got an anonymous tip with the supposed plot details to FOX’s upcoming DTV sequel WRONG TURN 3, the follow-up to one of the most successful DVD releases of last year WRONG TURN 2 (directed by Joe Lynch and starring Henry Rollins). Keep in mind this is unconfirmed, but below is the supposed plot synopsis for WRONG TURN 3, which is being helmed by Declan O’Brien. (We figured this would give us a chance to link you to our Joe Lynch interview again, since it’s one of our personal favorites!)

From DREAD: "Fonda and her friends go to the woods for a couple of days. Her friends are killed by the wild, now staple mutant killer, Three Finger, who of course cannibalizes them. She is left to fend for herself, but not for long. Meanwhile some dangerous prisoners are being transferred by Nate Wilson, a prison warden, on his last day before leaving to become a lawyer. During transport their truck is attacked by Three Finger and the prisoners escape. While being chased through the woods, the prisoners come across an abandoned truck filled with bags of money. One-by-one Three Finger kills all the prisoners and everyone who searches for them …"

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