FANGORIA got word from MGM on the final specs/special features for their upcoming PUMPKINHEAD: 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION, which hits store shelves on September 9th, 2008! (Same date as the CHILD’S PLAY: CHUCKY’S 20TH BIRTHDAY EDITION DVD) Directed by the late, great Stan Winston and starring Lance Henriksen, the 1988 cult-classic eventually spawned 3 sequels. This new disc will boast a "lenticular" cover, which changes between 2 images (see below) and the following special features:

– Audio commentary by co-scripter Gary Gerani and FX creators Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis, moderated by Scott Spiegel
- PUMPKINHEAD Unearthed featurette
- Evolution of a Demon featurette
- The Cursed and the Damned featurette
- The Tortured Soul of Ed Harley featurette
- Constructing Vengeance featurette
- Razorback Holler featurette
- Demonic Toys featurette
- Behind-the-scenes footage
- Still gallery

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