Just Added! A FRIGHT exclusive interview with filmmaker LARRY FESSENDEN!

Introduction by Mike C.: Who is this Larry Fesseneden and why do people keep trying to kill him? Our writer, and keeper of The Vault, Jsyn had been goading us to find out exactly that after catching Larry’s film “THE LAST WINTER” (starring HELLBOY’s Ron Perlman) earlier this year. If you’ve followed independent horror over the the last decade then you may have become familiar with Larry’s company “Glass Eye Pix”, with which he’s directed 4 films, as well as produced a number of others, including Ti West’s “THE ROOST ”. Knowing little about Larry, aside from his many acting roles (where he’s often killed, Jodie Foster did him in last year in “THE BRAVE ONE”) Rob G. and myself finally decided to get caught up in some of the features he’d directed.

I’d seen “WENDIGO” a few years back, but we both found ourselves intrigued and drawn into his second feature, the very New York, and very allegorical vampire film, “HABIT”. After watching this boozy, surreal and dreamlike slice of mid-1990’s Manhattan which left us with a strange connection to it, we knew that we would have to immediately meet up with Fessenden. We knew this one would have to be an Icons team effort so we gathered up Rob G, the evil Adam Barnick, Jsyn and myself and met up with Larry for drinks in the city.

When our plans to meet up at one of our favorite watering holes The Library was stymied by a surprisingly large (and loud crowd) Larry suggested we move down a few blocks us to Bar A-2, the very place, he told us, where he’d written most of “HABIT”. With that wonderful ambiance, a few adult beverages in our bellies (and oddly, comedian David Cross staring us from across the bar) we got down to business:

Click the images below to read our extensive chat!

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