Smokin’ Hot Cast Set For NIGHT OF THE DEMONS!

Wow. Shock Till You Drop got the exclusive scoop of the 3 recently cast leads for the NIGHT OF THE DEMONS remake, being helmed by Adam Gierasch (AUTOPSY) with the approval of the original’s director Kevin Tenney. Shannon Elizabeth (AMERICAN PIE, THIR13EN GHOSTS, CURSED, SCARY MOVIE, JACK FROST), Monica Keena (FREDDY VS JASON) and Diora Baird (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: THE BEGINNING) will top line the new NIGHT OF THE DEMONS! (Schwing!)

The Shock article states, "Elizabeth is set to play Angela – previously essayed by actress Amelia Kinkade in the original – a possessed party hostess who makes things a living hell for her friends."

Shooting begins in September in New Orleans from a script by by Gierasch and writing partner Jace Anderson (the duo penned Dario Argento’s MOTHER OF TEARS).

Bloody-Disgusting just got in some quotes from the director himself. He tells B-D, " "They’re a gorgeous cast, aren’t they? We’re lucky! But I’m also excited to work with Monica, Shannon and Diora because they’ve got serious acting chops and have great ideas about their characters. I come from an acting background originally, and working with the actors is one of my favorite parts of directing."

He continues, "My aim is to have the movie be an absolute blast: a balls-to-the-wall demon gorefest that remembers that horror movies should be fun. Our demon setpieces riff on some classic moments from the original as well as introduce new craziness. Each demon will have its own distinct look and personality. I’ll be using classic ’80s punk songs in the score. I’m making the movie that would have been my absolute favorite when I was seventeen. It’ll have punk rock, demons, gore and gorgeous women: all the things that make life worth living!" Amen to that!

More when we hear it!

9 thoughts on “Smokin’ Hot Cast Set For NIGHT OF THE DEMONS!

  1. Hmm, I just dont know if Shannon Elizabeth is strong enough to play the role of Angela. Im pretty irritated that they would even remake this. You cant top the original,I dont want another remake disappointment!

  2. “It’ll have punk rock, demons, gore and gorgeous women: all the things that make life worth living!”

    The original isn’t exactly a “horror classic” like say… THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE or HALLOWEEN.

    Sounds like Adam’s got a fun approach to the material, so I’ll all for it! And I love all 3 of those actresses!

  3. I feel the same; was the original really full of top-notch performances? If the cast are game for getting politically incorrect and 80’s style gore, fine by me. Nobody’s expecting literature from NIGHT OF THE DEMONS! Blood, breasts n’ beasts will do fine.

  4. You know, Im really looking forward to this, but it’s bad when the director doesnt even know the names of his own hot ass actresses.
    “He tells B-D, ” “They’re a gorgeous cast, aren’t they? We’re lucky! But I’m also excited to work with Monica, Shannon and Elizabeth…”
    Shannon, Monica, and DIORA are the leading ladies with the serious acting chops..

  5. Have you become ICONS OF MAXIM?
    You sound like you’ve never heard of a Jim Wynorski movie before.
    The press quote has the director stating the trio has some
    “serious acting chops?” hahhahaahahhaaahhaaahaaaa.
    From the writers of ‘Crocodile’ and ‘Mother of Tears’….I don’t know which part is funnier.
    I think the original NIGHT OF THE DEMONS isn’t bad at all. It probably warrants more respect than this press release implies.

  6. The cast is indeed stunning. However I am with the legions who say leave well enough alone. Enough fucking re-makes….didn’t we learn our lesson with Prom Night???

  7. The original Night of the Demons as fun as it was was a weakly made film. Way too campy. Way bad acting. That film is far from a classic and doesn’t hold up enough to be untouchable in the remake world.

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