SCREAM 4 Announced As Part Of Showtime/Weinstein Deal!

Coming is reporting that Showtime Networks and The Weinstein Company have just announced that they have signed a seven-year deal for up to 95 films including Quentin Tarantino’s latest INGLORIOUS BASTARDS, Alex Aja’s PIRANHA 3D and curiously enough… SCREAM 4. No word on any Wes Craven involvement at this point.

"In a move that enhances its slate of theatrical motion pictures, Showtime Networks Inc. has entered into an exclusive seven-year film distribution arrangement with The Weinstein Company (TWC)."
(In other words, Showtime will get first dibs on premiering all of The Weinstein’s upcoming theatrical releases when they hit cable.)

The press release continues, "The output deal also includes releases from Dimension Films such as "Youth In Revolt," based on C.D. Payne’s bestselling book and starring Michael Cera, "6 Billion Dollar Man," the remake of David Cronenberg’s "Scanners," re-starting the "Scream" franchise with "Scream 4," and "Piranha 3D." This deal furthers the relationship between Showtime Networks and TWC’s Dimension Films which began in 1997 with Showtime airing "Mimic," and "Scream 2.’"

No more details on SCREAM 4 yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear it!

3 thoughts on “SCREAM 4 Announced As Part Of Showtime/Weinstein Deal!

  1. Why does Weinstein deem it necessary to make exclusive deals with companies? Like their deal with Blockbuster? They need to leave themselves more open to other companies.

  2. Noooo! Not Scream 4! It’s a trilogy for a reason. It only gives more fodder to the crap that “Scary Movie” has turned into.

  3. The only way Scream 4 would work is if it was set in the real world where a killer starts imitating the “Scream” movies. It’s obvious that at this point they won’t get back the original cast and even if they did it would be a little farfetched that Sidney would be stalked by more than 5 killers in her lifetime. So a film in the vein of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare would be the best bet.

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