The Tall Man Cometh! PHANTASM IV: OBLIVION DVD August 26th!

On August 26, Anchor Bay Entertainment, the leader in cult and classic horror DVDs, will release Phantasm IV: Oblivion under the prestigious ‘Anchor Bay Collection’ banner. The DVD boasts a brand new anamorphic transfer, a never-before-seen retrospective featurette and a newly recorded commentary by writer/producer/director Don Coscarelli, Reggie “The Ice Cream Man” Bannister and the “Tall Man” himself – Angus Scrimm! Long sought after by aficionados of the legendary franchise, the DVD will be available at an SRP of $14.98 and features all-new cover art!

The original Phantasm broke new ground in horror filmmaking. Coscarelli was instantly hailed as one of the next generation’s ‘Masters of Horror’. And now, after two sequels filled with zombies, dwarves and slicing spheres it’s time for the most bizarre Phantasm yet! The Anchor Bay DVD release of Phantasm IV: Oblivion presents the uncut version of the film, reinstating scenes that were deleted prior to its original North American theatrical release.

In the film, the original cast returns as Mike (A. Michael Baldwin), along with Jody (Bill Thornbury) and Reggie (Bannister), undertake a surreal journey through the dimensions of time and space to understand the terrifying birthright of the Tall Man, as well as the origins of the infamous and lethal Sphere! Witness the Tall Man’s final assault with his dark army – the future of the human race hanging in the balance!

‘Phans’ of the series have waited years for this installment, making their wishes known at horror conventions all over the world. Anchor Bay Entertainment heard their demands and has finally brought Phantasm IV: Oblivion into the light!

One thought on “The Tall Man Cometh! PHANTASM IV: OBLIVION DVD August 26th!

  1. wow did i love this movie series it was and is awsome. i love it so much that in college i tried to make a copy of one scene in the movie in a 3d program and i made it all and it look awsome and it took a really long time to render out to a movie but i lost it because i put a copy of it on the server and that part of the sever crash and all the data was lost i wish i had back it up on a disc

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