FANGORIA reports that JEEPERS CREEPERS III: CATHEDRAL is about to head into pre-production with writer/director/series creator Victor Salva once again at the helm! The article gives away plenty of great tid-bits about what we can expect from the new sequel! For starters, Salva tells FANGO that the new film "does include a prologue in the Old West where we see how the Creeper became a frightening part of cowboy and Native American folklore." After a brief stop in the past, the script picks up exactly where JEEPERS II left off, with a new 23rd spring only a day away.

It appears that the new film will feature returning cast members from both JEEPERS CREEPERS films! Salva revealed, "I will say that one aspect of the third film features Trish Jenner (again played by Gina Philips from the original film), who, 23 years later, has a teenage son of her own, named Darry after her long lost brother. Trish is having a terrible recurring dream where her son meets the same terrible fate as her brother. Now a rich and powerful woman, Trish is determined to stop the Creeper once and for all."

Salva continues, "The other elements of the story, which easily make JEEPERS CREEPERS III the biggest film of the three, include some of the scariest and most intense Creeper stuff we have ever attempted."

One thing the director is keeping a lid on is the true meaning behind the sequel’s subtitle "CATHEDRAL", which he claims "is a large part of the film created especially for all our loyal JEEPERS CREEPERS fans."

Ray Wise and Jonthan Breck also return! Click HERE for the original FANGORIA article. More details when we hear ’em!

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8 thoughts on “JEEPERS CREEPERS 3: CATHEDRAL Ready For Pre-Production!

  1. This movie is long over due. I’m glad it’s taking over were the last one left off. I can’t wait for it to come out!

  2. Well itz about damn time!, ive waited so long for this movie!, im so excited to see it finally in the works and we get an idea of what we will expect this time around that we didnt the last, this is awsomely wonderful, im a horror movie fan! and i just love to see a good horror series return, becuz hollywood is fucking up and falling off, the rob zombies release of “Halloween” jus didnt do it for me, im expecting something good this time aroudn from one of my other favorite horror series, and on top of that we also get a remake of “Friday The 13th” on the way! shit it dosent get any better then this, or will it?

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