Gimmie Some BRUCE CAMPBELL Videos! And Hope For A New EVIL DEAD?

Entertainment Weekly recently sat down with cult fave actor Bruce Campbell to discuss his recent turn on the hit TV show BURN NOTICE, and to talk about his extensive career & filmography. Aint It Cool News is hosting an exclusive clip in where Bruce explains what it would take to bring him back for another EVIL DEAD movie. (Hint: It’d have to be with Sam Raimi and involve several millions of dollars.) Click HERE to check that video clip out. And click HERE to go to EW’s site for Bruce’s comments on THE X-FILES, XENA, JACK OF ALL TRADES, BRISCO COUNTY JR and more!

  • RJ

    Bruce can do no wrong in my book. He should’ve been a HUGE a-lister. But, I’m sure he could’ve if he wanted to. Long live Bruce forever, I will continue watching everything you’re in, and everything your name is mentioned in. Now that’s groovy.