DEXTER: THE FIRST SEASON (Danny Price’s Review)

The First Season Box set

Some television shows are cool, some are interesting, some are gruesome, some are scary and some are funny but then there are those that are all of the above and just plain awesome. Dexter is one of them!

Dexter isn’t your average fellow, he’s a serial killer…who kills serial killers. Emotionally detached and obsessed with collecting blood samples of his victims he works as forensic scientist in the department of blood analysis, this allows him the unique position of finding fresh subjects, people he can off without too much fear of discovery. That is until another serial killer comes into the scene who seems to have a thing for Dexter and his dark ways, the new guys M.O. of draining his victims’ bodies of all blood and using an ice truck to both contain and transport them peaks Dexters interest and it’s not long before a twisted game of cat and mouse is afoot between two very smart, very devious serial killers is on.

Nowadays it’s difficult to find anything that’s original or worth watching but Dexter is both in spades, the acting is nothing short of kickass, Michael C. Hall plays the intriguing (and rather handsome) Dexter with all the emotionless charisma (a paradox if ever there was one) that was required for the role, a serial killer that we can be invested in, dare I say he’s up there with Hannibal Lector? Quite possibly! Now that’s an honor.

For a movie about a serial killer the gore is rather held back a welcome surprise because there are so many moments when they could throw buckets of blood and guts into our laps, though it’s not totally unused, I simply mean the red stuff is saved to be used at the most opportune moment and believe me when I say the walls are literally painted with blood by the end.

Onto the DVD side of things, the box set contains all twelve episodes in widescreen but other than that there is very little to talk about, I was hoping for a jam packed DVD release but sadly we get only a single audio commentary for the finale by the director and various other crew members and Michael C. Hall isn’t even one of them, which is a shame because this show deserves so much more.

Still, the sets worth buying for the show alone but don’t be surprised when a bigger, better box set is released with more supplementary material then drops of blood in Dexters collection.

THE SHOW 4.5 out of 5
THE DVDs 0.5 out of 5

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