DOWN, SATAN! The Latest Adaptation From The BOOKS OF BLOOD!

Clive Barker’s production company Seraphim Films is gearing up for the next BOOKS OF BLOOD adaptation, this time for DOWN, SATAN! The movie is still in it’s early stages, but IGN DVD Editor Christopher Monfette is on board as the screenwriter.

From the original IGN article: "For the past several months, I’ve been in the unique and incredibly humbling position of working alongside Clive on this adaptation," says Monfette. "He’s proven such a supportive and open collaborator that it’s been both a challenge and an honor to play around in this decidedly horrific sandbox." The IGN article continues, "Down, Satan! will be expanded from its original length of only four pages. The parable-style tale tells the story of a wealthy businessman named Gregorious who wakes one day to find God absent from his life. Driven to madness by depression and loss, Gregorious tempts the Lord by constructing a Hell on Earth – or, New Hell – in service to the Devil, hoping that the Lord would intervene. But as the torture chambers fill and the Devil refuses to show himself, Greogrious must confront his idea of faith."

"It’s a story that’s always spoken to me," says Monfette. "Not simply as a piece of horrific fiction, or even on a deeper religious level – though it works masterfully on both – but as a story that speaks to our human desire to be loved and accepted and acknowledged. And how, in the absence of that, we’ll accept the opposite – condemnation or anger – any sign of honest emotion."

But how do you flesh out a four-page story into a feature film? "It’s not easy," admits Monfette. "But we found a way into the narrative that expands upon the ideas without stretching or distorting them. There’s drama and horror and suspense and scale and if we’ve done our jobs, we should have something intensely original." To which Monfette adds with a laugh, "Oh, and it’ll also scare the [expletive] out of you."

THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN hits limited theaters on August 1st, 2008, while Anthony Deblasi is gearing up to shoot the adaptation of DREAD! It’s a good time to be a Clive Barker fan!

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  1. Hi, searching around the web, I have found a very cool an interesting animated adaptation of this history. An Argentine Animation Studio, produced and named it Clive Barker Abajo Satán.
    Here is the link to watch it: (the short film is in the audiovisual link in the site or in the homepage, in news “novedades”, the third one.

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