REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA Gets Limited Release November 7th!

Way to go Lionsgate! First THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, now REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA. FANGORIA is reporting that Lionsgate plans on releasing Darren Lynn Bousman’s rock-horror opera REPO into select theaters on November 7th, 2008. Yep, folks, yet another highly anticipated genre picture gets a "limited" release. The film (helmed by the SAW sequels director) stars Paul Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Paris Hilton, Anthony Stewart Head, Bill Moseley and Sarah Brightman. You can check out the recently released new trailer at our previous news post HERE. Or if you plan on attending the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, you can see it early on July 18th. Visit the official website: More when we hear it.

2 thoughts on “REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA Gets Limited Release November 7th!

  1. Thanks Lionsgate! You’re actually ending your own reign as kings of horror distribution. Bring on the remakes! >:O

  2. Seriously Lionsgate is the biggest bunch of fucking idots right now.
    I called for TMMT and the idot on the other end just gave me the run arround and didnt realy care about what I had to say…

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