The special features and DVD art for Anthony Hickox’s cult classic flick SUNDOWN: A VAMPIRE IN RETREAT have been revealed by Lionsgate! Co-written and directed by Hickox (WAXWORK), SUNDOWN: A VAMPIRE IN RETREAT stars Bruce Campbell, David Carradine and Deborah Foreman and "tells of vampires in a remote town existing on synthetic blood. When a human family blows in, temptation arises and a quarrel kicks up between the vamps who want to maintain the peace and those who would love to sink their teeth into a neck or two." The features are as follows:

– Memories of Moab featurette (an all-new interview with Bruce Campbell)
– A Vampire Reformed featurette (all-new interview with David Carradine)
– The Making of Sundown featurette
– Audio commentary with director Anthony Hickox and director of photography Levie Isaacks
– Photo Gallery

Shock Till You Drop has got an exculsive look at the DVD art. Click the teaser image below to check it out for yourself! The disc hits shelves on September 23rd, 2008!

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