Stuart Gordon’s STUCK On DVD October 7th!

Stuart Gordon’s latest film STUCK will hit DVD and Blu-Ray on October 7th via Image Entertainment according to The post states that STUCK will be presented in 1080p video and accompanied by a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. No extras have been announced for the release at this time. But of course, we’ll keep you posted. STUCK stars Mena Suvari and Stephen Rea and is loosely based on a true story. Stuart Gordon is the director of such genre classics as RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND and THE BLACK CAT. Check out the Red-Band trailer for STUCK below!

One thought on “Stuart Gordon’s STUCK On DVD October 7th!

  1. I saw it twice when it ran in LA and really enjoyed it. It’s sort of like a theater piece – bound to one or two areas – and that works really well.

    Great tiny cameo by Jeffrey Combs too. 🙂

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