Ya know how your mother always said ,”if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Well, if I lived by that rule I’d have to stop writing this review right here.
First of all I’m not even sure why Dimension Extreme picked this film up in the first place. There is not one single gore shot in the entire film! I suppose it’s because it comes from the same creators as the Leprechaun films which would account for all of the witty one liners this film has to offer (which is the only thing it has to offer). But that is no excuse.
The film opens with a mother and her two young children Norbert and Angelina bunked up in a run down L.A. motel. The mother, whom by the way has more prosthetic parts than her ventriloquist dummy, is a heroin junkie/out of work stage performer. To make a long story short she OD’s and leaves her kids with nothing but a creepy, large ventriloquist doll to remember her by. The doll, that seems to take on a sinister life of its own, fits in perfectly with the murdering brother and sister pair who grow up with zero parental guidance.
There isn’t much I even want to say about this film, because even if you can sit through the whole thing, all you’ll notice are the mistakes in it! AND, this DVD has absolutely no special features! The “brother” character is dressed up like a cowboy the entire film and does not muster a single word! The “daughter” character doesn’t look a day over sixteen and apparently only cares about having a baby…with her brother. Ugh, this movie makes other films like Children of the Living Dead look like Oscar winners!
-Beth Puttkammer
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