Clive Barker’s Letter To Fans: SAVE THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN!

On August 1st, 2008, Lionsgate will release the long awaited adaptation of Clive Barker’s THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN… into 100 theaters across the country, before dumping it to DVD. Since Barker fans have waited a long time to see the author’s legendary BOOKS OF BLOOD properly translated for the big screen, this news has been terribly dishearting. We’ve seen the movie. It’s worthy of the name Clive Barker, and it deserves to play theatrically. Now, Barker himself is asking YOU, the fans for help. He sent the following letter to FANGORIA editor Tony Timpone to publish on Fangoria’s website. From Barker himself:

"Hello my friends,

Clive Barker here. I wish I could be with you in the flesh to talk with you, but I’ve got a battle on my hands here in Los Angeles. So Tony’s kindly agreed to share this letter to you.

To be perfectly honest, I need your help: As you may know, last year I was the executive producer of a movie from one of my BOOKS OF BLOOD stories, called THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN. Ryuhei Kitamura directed it and he did a superb job. The film is scary, stylish and very violent, which is just fine by me. I’m very proud of it.

But there have been signs for a long while that Lionsgate, the company releasing the movie, was going to screw around with it. Release dates were changed and changed again. And my phone calls to the people at Lionsgate, asking for answers, were not returned.

I was finally told that Lionsgate only planned to open the movie in a tiny number of theaters—somewhere between 100 and 300—run it for a week, then put it on DVD.

In other words, they were going to dump our movie.

This has nothing to do with the quality of our picture. In fact, it is happening to a number of other movies in Lionsgate’s hands, many of which were guided into production by a great friend of horror movies, Peter Block, who left the company several months ago.

It was his exit that caused our present situation. A new man, Joe Drake, replaced Peter Block and—as happens so often in Hollywood—I believe he decided to trash all the projects Peter Block had supported.

It seems not to matter that a lot of very talented men and women sweated to create this picture—knowing that all the horror fans who see it, will love it. It’s being dumped because of company politics. Simple as that.


I’m fighting back.

And I’m asking you now to fight with me.

If you want to see THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN on the big screen the way it should be seen, please contact Joe Drake at Lionsgate and tell him your feelings.

Here’s how to do it:

You can contact Joe Drake directly at or call the main switchboard at Lionsgate, which is (310) 449-9200, and ask for Joe Drake’s office. You can also get the information from my official website, which is

Please be polite in your protest. We don’t want to worsen the situation by making our attacks personal.

Thank you all so much for listening and thank you for supporting my books and films over the years. I promise to try to keep bringing you the best work I can do.

Finally, let me thank you in advance for helping us to get THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN running to our fans across America.

My love to you,

And best wishes,

As always,


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