BLOOD NIGHT Update! Will MARY HATCHET Return For A Sequel?

Several months ago, we posted a teaser trailer for an upcoming horror movie titled BLOOD NIGHT: THE LEGEND OF MARY HATCHET, which stars genre vets Danielle Harris (HALLOWEEN) and Bill Moseley (THE DEVIL’S REJECTS). (See trailer HERE!) We caught up with director Frank Sabatella at this past weekend’s FANGORIA convention in Secaucus, NJ to get a status update on the project. "We just finished the 2nd rough cut and we just sent it over to audio," Sabatella tells ICONS, "so we’re currently doing a little bit of sound design and cleaning up all the dialogue, then we’re going into a pretty solid polishing phase while the film is scored."

When asked how the editing process has been going, Sabatella couldn’t be happier. "It’s definitely on track. It has the feel I wanted, which is being a classic slasher movie but modernized. To me, I think it portrays that exactly. The story is there, the gore is there and it’s looking really good."

Speaking of gore, BLOOD NIGHT‘s FX artist Jeremy B. Selenfriend is also at the table, and with plenty of left over goodies from the film’s murder sequences! (See photos below) "The movie’s got 26 on-screen kills," gushes Selenfriend. "I’ve known Frank for a lot of years now and a lot of it, Frank gave me the starting point and asked ‘What are your ideas? What can you do to make this more then just another death scene?’ So, some of them we got to go really, really elaborate and neat, and some of them he wrote that way to begin with. I don’t often get to put in my ideas, so this was nice. Frank and I know each other well enough that he trusted me to come up with some cool things."

As far as an official release, Sabatella tells us, "We have a pretty healthy list of distributors asking us for a final cut, so right now we’re focusing on making the (final) cut as amazing as we can. We also definitely plan on getting it out to festivals. I want to see how the audience reacts. That’s the point, right? We want to see the audience’s reactions, so the quickest & best way to do that is find a good festival, get it in there and screen it – I can’t wait to watch this with an audience and see how they react. Hopefully they like it!"

So, with the introduction of the iconic "Mary Hatchet" character, did the director set up BLOOD NIGHT to have a potential sequel? "Well, it’s a funny question because when I wrote the script, I said I will absolutely not do a sequel. I wanted it to have a definitive end. But as I’m putting it together, more and more people are asking about it. I’ve thought about it and I think if the interest was there and somebody wanted to do a sequel, I would, but I’d take the story elements in a very different direction. The character of Mary Hatchet herself is so cool that there’s so much that can be done with it. Now after having seen this movie, through the editing, although I’m very happy with it, you sometimes think ‘Man I wish I did this!’ or ‘I could’ve done this.’ So, potentially there could be another BLOOD NIGHT. There definitely could be."

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