Our good fiend Uncle Creepy over at Dread Central recently conducted an interview with Michael Felsher, the man behind Red Shirt Pictures, the company that’s produced the bonus materials for recent genre releases such as THE MONSTER SQUAD, DIARY OF THE DEAD and HELLRAISER. Felsher revealed that a new special edition of HELLBOUND: HELLRAISER 2 is in the works! He tells Dread, "I’m doing interviews with the Cenobites, the other Cenobites, cause Doug has his own piece, and we’re hoping to get an interview with one actress who has never been interviewed about the film to date. I won’t say whom, but our fingers are crossed…" Anchor Bay is tentatively planning a release later this year, however Felsher says, "They may wait to see what’s going on with the Hellraiser remake first" (Which is due out in 2009)

Also on Red Shirt’s slate is the supplemental material for a new Special Edition of PUMPKINHEAD! (which he first reported about HERE) "We have a widescreen transfer, we’re doing a commentary with some of the effects guys and the screenwriter, and we have a lot of featurettes that go into the making of the film." Tom Woodruff, who played PUMPKINHEAD in the original is also supplying the documentarians with old VHS behind-the-scenes footage! So, it sounds like we’ve got a special DVD to look forward to!

Read more at Dread’s original post HERE, including the first word on a special edition of SAVAGE STREETS!?!

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