REST STOP 2: DON’T LOOK BACK DVD Cover Art; Special Features!

The sequel to Raw Feed’s debut DTV title REST STOP: DON’T LOOK BACK hits shelves on October 7th, 2008. The follow-up written by John Shiban and directed by Shawn Papazian stars Richard Tillman, Jessie Ward, Graham Norris, Brionne Davis, Steve Railsback & Joey Mendicino. Special features include: Audio commentary by briter/producer John Shiban and director Shawn Papazian, Alternate ending, Deleted scenes (Buddy, Meet the Family, Dinner with the Family), Doomed to Repeat: The Mythology of Rest Stop featurette, Bonus scene (The Owner’s Demise). Check out the cover art & synopsis below!

Synopsis: One year after running away from home, Nicole and Jesse are still missing. When Jesse’s brother, Tom, returns home from active duty, he sets out with his friends Marilyn and Jared to locate the lost couple. Their search leads them to the stretch of old highway with a mysterious Rest Stop, where they find themselves in the same predicament as Nicole and Jesse: confronting the madman driving the menacing yellow truck. As their search continues, a run-in with the ubiquitous Winnebago Family leads Marilyn and Jared to ghostly encounters with Nicole. Meanwhile, Tom is kidnapped and tortured by the psycho, but upon his escape he uses the arsenal at his disposal to take his revenge. But bullets alone may not be enough to stop this sociopath bent on death and dismemberment.

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2 thoughts on “REST STOP 2: DON’T LOOK BACK DVD Cover Art; Special Features!

  1. Yeah i really enjoyed the first one also, right after it was over i was ready to see the sequel. Been looking forward to it. I want to see someone confront that madman on the bus!!

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