Ready for another LEPRECHAUN movie? Nah. How ’bout TRILOQUIST!

So, is everyone ready for another LEPRECHAUN movie? Me neither. However, from the same twisted minds that created the green little monsters anthology comes forth a new horror comedy called TRILOQUIST! Our July 1st, 2008!

“In a seedy Hollywood motel, a down-and-out ventriloquist overdoses in front of her son and daughter, scarring them for life. Eighteen years later, the son, who has not spoken a word since his mother’s suicide, and daughter, depart on a road trip to Las Vegas. Still haunted by their childhood memories, they are unable to fulfill their mother’s dying wishes to uphold the family bloodline and become great ventriloquists. Entranced by the dummy’s commands, the long journey plunges them further and further into darkness as they begin a murderous rampage across the desert.



Campy thriller, TRILOQUIST debuts its act on DVD July 1st under the Dimension Extreme label from Genius Products and The Weinstein Company. From writer-director Mark Jones (Leprechaun, Rumplestiltskin) and starring teen up-and-comers Rocky Marquette (Bondage), Payden LoPachin (House At The End Of The Drive) and Katie Chonacas (Slingshot), TRILOQUIST follows a psychotic brother and sister who hit the road to Las Vegas with their ventriloquist dummy that seems to have a mind of its own.” – Dimension Extreme

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