FX Legend STAN WINSTON Passes…

FX legend Stan Winston passed away on Sunday evening, June 15th, 2008. Winston succumbed to multiple myeloma, which he’d been fighting for seven years. He was 62 years old. Winston was one of the most prominent FX artists in the biz, and his work garnered him & his FX company countless praise within the horror community, as well as 4 Oscars. His memorable creations including THE TERMINATOR, ALIENS (his collaborations with James Cameron), JURASSIC PARK, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, PUMPKINHEAD (which he also directed), THE MONSTER SQUAD and most recently, the practical suits in IRON MAN. You can read up on his work and legacy at his official website www.stanwinston.com and at his IMDB page.

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  1. Rick says:

    Stan was a true visionary in the art of special effects! He will be missed.

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