It’s FRIDAY THE 13TH! Jason’s New Mask Revealed!

The Platinum Dunes producers were hinting at something special happening today for Friday June 13th, and sure enough, Jason Voorhees iconic "hockey" mask has been revealed on MTV! You can watch a video report from the set below, which features the mask unveiling! Or click the teaser image which will bring you to MTV’s text report. The new FRIDAY THE 13TH opens Friday February 13th, 2009!

6 thoughts on “It’s FRIDAY THE 13TH! Jason’s New Mask Revealed!

  1. It looks just like the masks from the previous films. At least they didn’t try and change it into something outlandish

  2. I think this is just stupid……all this damn movie is gonna be is a rehash of the sequels as opposed to the amazing first film (which had no grown Jason) Not to mention the fact that Kane wont be jason……this equals garbage and I for one will not show up to see another dumb hack n slash rehash.

  3. Clearly this is going to be rubbish, based completly on the fact that Jason was not even in the first movie. Which mean they are going to twist the story to all Hell. RUBBISH!

  4. Well, the rumor is it’s not exactly a remake of the first film, per se. But more of an updated story that takes place between FRIDAY’s 1 and 4.
    So, he wears both the sack AND the hockey mask. I’m kinda OK with that.
    I’d rather seen non-zombie Jason again from the first 4 movies. He used to scare the CRAP out of me!

  5. Boys boys boys….lets all try to realize that when someone remakes a classic movie, it may not be exactly like the original,it has to be different to keep people interested.and i hate it when fanboys crush something before it even comes out.if the idea offends you so deeply,then just dont watch the will not affect our beloved classics when they are fact,i feel it sometimes refreshes the idea for newer fans.stop dogging it and just dont buy a ticket if you are objective to it in the first place,you probably wouldnt like it regardless.

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