Entire Original Cast Returns For THE DESCENT 2?!

An article on EMPIRE reveals that all the actresses from the first DESCENT film are returning for THE DESCENT 2?! How, you’re wondering? Flashbacks, of course. Shauna MacDonald and Natalie Mendoza were among the first cast members announced for the sequel, but now the article confirms that MyAnna Buring (Sam), Alex Reid (Beth), Saskia Mulder (Rebecca) and Nora-Jane Noone (Holly) are all back in brief appearances.

Buring told EMPIRE, "I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you this, but we’ll all appear in flashbacks. We had that video camera in the first film, remember, so [it’s footage from that]. It was last week that we all rocked up on set in Ealing Studios and they’d mocked up these sets that looked like where we’d shot in the first film…so I went back to being Sam for a day".

(Spoiler) The question on everyone’s mind is exactly which ending is this new movie picking up from? Both the UK and American cut of the film have different conclusions. Burin continues, "We pick up from the American ending [where Sarah survives]. So Sarah is very much back and we see her going back and her journey again. I have to say, I think it looks awesome. Jon Harris, who’s directing is doing an amazing job."

THE DESCENT 2‘s director Jon Harris served as the editor on the first film. Neil Marshall is exec producing.

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