FANGORIA recently caught up with director Anthony Hickox and talked about the upcoming DVD release of his somewhat "lost" video cult classic SUNDOWN: THE VAMPIRE IN RETREAT (which starred Bruce Campbell, David Carradine and Deborah Foreman). Lionsgate is releasing the DVD on September 23rd (according to DREAD CENTRAL), but Michael Felsher and his Red Shirt Pictures is providing the supplementary material. Among the disc’s goodies will be a first-time-ever widescreen transfer of the film, a commentary by Hickox and cinematographer Levie Issacks, and interviews with stars Bruce Campbell and David Carradine.

When asked about a potential remake to my personal fave Hickox movie WAXWORK, he tells FANGORIA it’s possible. "The guy who owns the rights to it is dying to remake it, but he doesn’t get along with one of the other producers from the original. However, I’m sure they will work something out. If they do that, it still needs to be campy—and the mummy would have to move a lot faster than it did in mine! If they do get it going, my only request is to do a cameo appearance."

Here’s an idea I’ve had for years… (so if and when someone steals it, remember where you heard it first.) Why hasn’t New Line tapped the remake rights for WAXWORK? Wouldn’t it be neat to see a sequel/redux of the original WAXWORK with Freddy, Jason & Leatherface? Essentially characters that New Line has the rights to use? Just my two cents if anyone out there’s readin’ this! (And and bring back David Warner in the same role! ;-D)

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