Shawnee Smith Toplines 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: DUST TO DUST Webseries!

FEARnet just announced that they’ll be premiering 30 DAYS OF NIGHT: DUST TO DUST, the sequel to last years popular webseries BLOOD TRAILS at the San Deigo Comic-Con in July. The shorts will then appear exclusively on their website. Even cooler is the cast filled with genre vets! SAW’s Shawnee Smith toplines DUST TO DUST, with Ken Foree (the original DAWN OF THE DEAD) and Ted Raimi (THE GRUDGE, SKINNER) making appearances as well.

The story revolves around Detective Nick Maguire who has the unenviable job of tracking down his missing sister Sara, who’s come into the custody of Blood Trails protagonist George—the ex-junkie framed for murders committed by a clan of New Orleans vampires. The series is produced by FEARnet and Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Productions.

More details on FEARnet’s site HERE!

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