Brad Anderson’s TRANSSIBERIAN Trailer On-Line!

The trailer to TRANSSIBERIAN has debuted over on Yahoo’s site. While not exactly in the "horror" genre, there’s a number of reasons I’m reporting on it. Firstly, it’s the latest from director Brad Anderson, the filmmaker behind SESSION 9, THE MACHINIST (Great, great movie), the MASTERS OF HORROR episode SOUNDS LIKE and an upcoming episode of FEAR ITSELF. So, since he’s one of the few director’s out there doing radically different things on each project, I’ll see anything he does.

Secondly, the stellar cast. Woody Harrelson (NATIONAL BORN KILLERS) , Emily Mortimer, Kate Mara, Eduardo Noriega (who’s in 2 of my favorite foreign films THESIS and OPEN YOUR EYES) and Ben Kingsley.

Lastly, the movie looks really good! See for yourself and check out the trailer HERE!

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