THE WICKED Trailer, Synopsis, DVD Art!

We just got in the synopsis, trailer and DVD art for the indie flick THE WICKED, written & directed by Sal Ciavarello and starring Rachel Nau, Natasha Tabandera, Kristin Woodburn, Lino Del Core, Sebastian Elliott, Dennis DeLeo, Lumiere and Bob Livingston.

According to the films synopsis: "An unconstitutional law has been passed. Satanism has become illegal in the United States. Grace, Queen of a Satanic cult is faced with betrayal within her coven while dealing with a mounting assault from the descendants of the Knights Templar who vow to destroy her."

You can check out the DVD art below, along with the teaser trailer which features a surprise appearance by comedian Jackie Martling, formally of The Howard Stern Show. For more info, visit the official website at:

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