MGM Planning ROBOCOP Remake? … In 3D?!

Caught this news on Bloody-Disgusting, who in turn got it from indieWIRE where word came out of Cannes ’08 about a ROBOCOP remake… in 3D?! "For MGM, among those is a continuation of Bond and Pink Panther sequels, an announced remake of "Fame" and a not-yet-announced remake of "RoboCop," possibly in 3-D. "’RoboCop" would be great in 3-D, as would something we’re hoping to announce soon," said Parent. (One of the reps for MGM.)

I don’t know. Paul Verhoeven really caught lightening in a bottle with the first ROBOCOP, and it remains one of my all time favorite films to this day. Can it possibly be remade?! And will ROBOCOP in 3D make it cooler? We’ll have to wait for the official word!

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