Erica Leerhsen Joins THE FURY!

SHOCK is reporting that actress Erica Leerhsen has joined James Colmer’s THE FURY (not to be confused with the recently announced remake of the Brian DePalma film). Patrick Nuo, Holly Brisley, August Lacore and Sam Lawson round out the cast. The flick comes from Destiny Pictures Australia and Arclight Films. Director Colmer has a history in conceptional design and worked on such films as SEE NO EVIL and HOUSE OF WAX. According to the official websites synopsis: "Five teenagers take shelter in an abandoned slaughterhouse rumored to be haunted by a malevolent poltergeist. Overcome by an incredible rage, one of them seeks to destroy the others." Visit the site at and check out the early poster art below, along with our FRIGHT exclusive interview with ERICA LEERHSEN!

ERICA LEERHSEN‘s FRIGHT exclusive interview:

One thought on “Erica Leerhsen Joins THE FURY!

  1. Thanks for the mention guys..
    Actually our film The Fury was first announced 12 months ago, and has been casting for the past 8 months. Perhaps Fox picked up on it, and thought it would be good to ressurect the 30 year old Brian De Palma film?
    Our name is inspired by John Carpenter’s “Christine”, which was a Plymouth Fury.
    Be sure to drop by and enter the competition.
    Best Wishes
    James Colmer
    Destiny Pictures Australia

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