Shock Till You Drop caught up with filmmaker Stuart Gordon (who’s latest film STUCK sees limited release on May 30th, see trailer HERE) and he confirmed that another H. P. Lovecraft adaptation is in his future! He tells Shock that casting has begun for THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP, which Gordon’s making for production company Amicus Entertainment. Longtime collaborator Dennis Paoli (who also co-scripted RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND with Gordon) also co-wrote the script.

Gordon tells Shock, "In our version it’s about a psychiatrist who gets this patient, a young girl who comes in, who he thinks has multiple personality disorder. And he knows that in all cases of multiple personality involves sexual abuse. So, he’s very intrigued by this girl, but he’s also very drawn to her. One of her personalities keeps trying to seduce him. Eventually he gives in and he’s having sex with her and he says to her, ‘Is this good for you?’ And she says, ‘Why don’t you see for yourself?’ Suddenly they switch bodies and he’s now in her body and she’s in his. This lasts for a few seconds and it’s like, what the hell happened? It turns out this girl is actually a sorceress and wants to take over his body and she is eventually going to become him."

Read the full article HERE.

In another news post on Shock, Stuart Gordon talks about the potential future of RE-ANIMATOR. Click HERE for those details!

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