Red-Band Trailer For Stuart Gordon’s STUCK!

Here’s one we’re looking forward to! On May 30th, ThinkFilm will release Stuart Gordon’s latest STUCK, starring Mena Suvari and Stephen Rea. Check out the new red-band trailer below, courtesy of those fine fiends from Bloody-Disgusting, along with the official synopsis!

Synopsis: Brandi (Mena Suvari) is a compassionate young retirement-home caregiver in line for a promotion. Tom (Stephen Rea) is a victim of the downsized economy, out-of-work and newly homeless. Their worlds crash together when Brandi, driving home from a club after too many drinks and pills, accidentally hits Tom, the impact smashing his body head-first through her car’s windshield. If discovered, this “accident” will extinguish her bright future, so instead of saving him, her plan is to let him pass and dispose of the body later. Faced with this reality, Tom knows he must escape if he wants to survive.

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