For the past year, Icons Of Fright has been producing an extensive documentary on the PSYCHO franchise titled THE PSYCHO LEGACY. Last month, the first ever PSYCHO franchise reunion took place at the LA FANGORIA Weekend Of Horrors convention and 12 minutes of footage from the film were screened. Now, we proudly present to you that 12 minutes of footage! The clip covers all 4 PSYCHO films and features PSYCHO alumni Hilton Green, Tom Holland, Andrew London, Jeff Fahey, Lee Garlington, Katt Shea, Donovan Scott, Kurt Paul, as well as filmmakers Adam Green, Dave Parker, Joe Lynch, journalists Ryan "Rotten" Turek (Shock Till You Drop), Tony Timpone (FANGORIA) and writer David Schow. Get a taste of the doc with the footage below! And visit the official My Space page for THE PSYCHO LEGACY at www.myspace.com/thepsycholegacy.

One thought on “ICONS EXCLUSIVE! 12 Minutes Of THE PSYCHO LEGACY Documentary!

  1. As a huge fan of all four movies this is awesome. We don’t have a lot of info on the making of any of these movies and this will satisfy the absolute diehards like myself.
    When do we get the whole thing? I will buy a copy when it’s done. Tell me how to get it!!!
    Excellent job guys!
    Todd Braley
    Grand Junction, CO.

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