Young JASON VOORHEES Revealed! FRIDAY THE 13TH Update!

Well, at least the producers on the FRIDAY THE 13TH remake are posting frequent updates on their new blog. Today, Brad Fuller posted a picture of young actor Caleb Guss who portrays Jason Voorhees as a child. The blog post describes Guss’s work & look on the film a bit. Fuller writes, "The make-up is awesome, freaky and true to the original. Though he only worked a few days – the imagery adds a very disturbing depth to the character." I look forward to Guss’s band in 20 years from now, NEW FIRST JASON REDUX! I’m sure we’ll hear more shortly. In the meantime, take a peek of young Jason Voorhees (sans make-up) below and click HERE to read the Platinum Dunes blog for yourself. (You can log in and tell them what you think of their remakes!)

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